Do Sanctuary Cities Have a Right to Defy Trump?

Since the election, mayors and officials in many major U.S. cities have stated they will remain «sanctuary cities», or places where local law enforcement limit their cooperation with federal authorities to detain or pursue undocumented immigrants, despite threats from President-elect Donald J. Trump to take away their federal funding. Do cities have a legal right to defy the government on immigration policy? This is part of the Issues for Trump and America...

сколько стоит политическое убежище в США

сколько стоит политическое убежище в США сколько стоит политическое убежище в США на этапе интервью? Дела по убежищу проходят разные этапы, и, соответственно, отличается, сколько стоит политическое убежище в США, в зависимости от того, на каком этапе находится дело. Первый этап—до и включая интервью по убежищу...

Двухлетнее разрешение на работу

Двухлетнее разрешение на работу С пятого октября 2016 года служба иммиграции будет выдавать подавшим на убежище двухлетнее разрешение на работу (форму I-766), а не годичное, как раньше. Двухлетнее разрешение на работу будет выдаваться не только при подаче на первое разрешение на работу, но также и при...

Is Any Immigration Reform Possible in This Political Climate?

Donald Trump recently laid out a hardline immigration plan and promised to achieve it in “a matter of months” after taking office. In reality, immigration reform has been halting and stymied, with no major reforms passed in decades. Multiple bills have failed to make it through Congress, and the courts have blocked President Obama’s executive actions to shield as many as five million unauthorized immigrants from deportation and allow them to work. With congressional and executive actions...

The Consequences of a Brexit

In Britain, polls indicate growing support for a vote to leave the European Union — in a so-called Brexit — but the murder of a member of Parliament who was a prominent opponent of the move was a sign for many of how bitter the fight has become. Many economists warn a Brexit would damage the British economy, but supporters argue that the E.U.’s bureaucracy and open borders are harming the country. What would it mean for Britain to leave the European Union? Responses: Bad for Europe,...
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