The Consequences of a Brexit

In Britain, polls indicate growing support for a vote to leave the European Union — in a so-called Brexit — but the murder of a member of Parliament who was a prominent opponent of the move was a sign for many of how bitter the fight has become. Many economists warn a Brexit would damage the British economy, but supporters argue that the E.U.’s bureaucracy and open borders are harming the country.

What would it mean for Britain to leave the European Union?


Bad for Europe, Disastrous for Britain

Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Peterson Institute

An E.U. Exit Will Strengthen the British Economy

Patrick Minford, Cardiff University

A Threat to Scotland's G.D.P.

Brian Ashcroft, Scottish Economy Watch

A Brexit Would Reinvigorate British Democracy

Ben Kelly, The Sceptic Isle

That Brexit Is Even a Possibility Undercuts Globalization

Carmen Reinhart, economist

Don't Succumb to Anti-Immigrant Fearmongering

Shamim Sarif, filmmaker

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